“thinkpadsolutions provides the client with expertise and inventiveness to provide solutions to resolve organizational issues. Success is our primary mission. With nearly 85 years of combined experience, thinkpadsolutions will provide one of our primary consultants to walk side-by-side to deliver measurable results.”

49% of nonprofits are operating without any knowledge of, or access to, a strategic plan.

Concord Leadership Group

27% of nonprofits report budgeting less than $1,000 a year to marketing or community relations.

Concord Leadership Group

42% of nonprofits do not have any formal mechanisms in place to measure performance

Concord Leadership Group

77% of nonprofits reported not having a leadership transition plan or a leadership-training program

Concord Leadership Group

One in four nonprofits say they don’t have a vision compelling enough to unify the board, staff, and donors and facilitate decision-making.

Concord Leadership Group

Studies show the ROI on executive coaching is more than 300%

Concord Leadership Group

70% of nonprofits reported not benchmarking against any other nonprofits in creating a strategic plan

Concord Leadership Group

about thinkpadsolutions

Approximately half of all non-profits are set up to fail due to a lack of strategic planning and forethought. The goal for thinkpadsolutions is to help non-profits in health care, education, human services, the arts and faith-based organizations craft their own solution to clearly identify and conquer their unique challenges.

thinkpadsolutions offers consulting services in development, communications, and events, through detailed analysis, targeted coaching, and connecting you with effective resources. We look forward to partnering with you to assist your non-profit in realizing its potential and affect greater impact within your community and the world.

about paul

Paul A. Dunne,



After a successful business career and inspired by the need to serve after the event of 9/11, Paul joined the nonprofit sector as a Senior Development Officer for the Denver Rescue Mission.  He furthered his career serving as Executive Director of Development for the Inner City Health Center where he started the development department and quadrupled donations in a 3 year period before leading them in a $5.5M campaign for a new clinic.  Mr. Dunne followed up this success by accepting a position with the North Hawaii Community Hospital and guided them through a tumultuous year and managed to cap off their $19M campaign by raising the final $6M.

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about diana

Diana Marquis,


Senior Consultant

As grassroots volunteers, Diana and her friends had great program ideas, but no one knew how to raise the money to pay for them. This lack of knowledge inspired her to learn more, after all, how hard could it be? Ultimately, she made the transition from television and radio production to the nonprofit sector. Her first position was Annual Fund Officer at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. Her innovative ideas of recruiting multi-lingual volunteers to call prospective parent donors successfully increased donations from parents of students by 50%. She has worked for large international organizations such as the Salvation Army and small environmental organizations.

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about steve

Steve Melson


Steve Melson joined thinkpadsolutions after serving in nonprofit leadership for more than thirty years. Most recently, he was Director of Advancement (U.S.) for Open Arms International, a faith-based organization serving orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya. He created a signature participation project to increase donor awareness and engagement through providing basic health and wellness items for 150 children living in an innovative family village.

Previously, he ministered as Associate Pastor for the 13,000-member main campus of Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. Within two years, he launched Set4School as the inaugural community service event for a new city campus, reaching 200 students and serving as catalyst for other campuses to develop school partnerships.

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about evan

Evan White

Operations & Junior CRM Consultant

With a heart for service, Evan has always looked for ways to give back to his community. Throughout his course work in college he spent time volunteering and gained valuable experience in grant-writing and development through various internships with Communities in Schools of North Texas, Downtown Fort Worth Inc., and Opening Doors Immigrations Services.

After graduating from the University of North Texas in 2010 with a degree custom built for non-profit management, he spent 5 years in the relocation industry learning logistically and management processes.

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about jenny

Jenny Gosselin


Jenny brings a creative eye to nonprofit marketing and administration. Her background in theatre and small business organization work together to help find original solutions for marketing, media, mail and management. Having worked with the performing arts has given her insight to raising support through donations and memberships. With a BFA in Theatre and over 10 years in business environments ranging from international marketing, corporate events, and theatre production, she has a commitment to serving the client and building relationships that work toward their specific goals.

consultants of counsel

John Gilchrist, FAHP, CFRE

John is a dynamic and accomplished philanthropy executive with proven success in leading fundraising initiatives of various sizes, resulting in transformational gifts. He has raised over $100 million for the organizations he has led. He executes a range of annual and long-term development strategies and is passionate about bringing committed and connected community leaders to the table. John is a collaborative leader with expertise in leading governing boards to implement strategic fundraising plans, capture the organization’s vision, and build community relations to deepen donor relationships. He cultivates and nurtures productive relationships with donors, boards, professional advisors and community leaders. His professional experience also encompasses healthcare administration, where he led marketing and community relations programs, physician recruitment and contracting, clinic and service line administration, and a physician hospital organization.

Karen K. Martin, MBA, CFRE

Karen applies a donor-focused, marketing philosophy as matchmaker to philanthropists and charities. Her niche is designing infrastructure advancing 501(c)(3)s—from start-up charter schools and social service agencies to higher education. Martin launched annual, major & planned gifts programs and improved fiscal controls as CEO. She met a $55 million campaign goal for Texas Woman’s University-T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences-Dallas with unprecedented $1 million His & Hers nursing faculty chairs.   A Myers-Briggs ‘Pedagogue’ (ENFJ), she has classroom, virtual and professional conference leadership, marketing, career development and CFRE faculty experience. Administrative acumen gained as Executive Director translates to nonprofit consulting. As Texas PTA Secretary, she was Chief Architect of its Bylaws revision/leadership model restructure adopted by 2012 Convention delegates. It became the Governance blueprint for 49 state PTA associations.   Karen earned Public Relations and MBA degrees at Baylor University.

think: plan

Non Profit Strategic Planning
& Fundraising

Strategic Development
Success never happens overnight. Every successful business has a strategy and successful non-profits are no exception. Your brand, team, communications, and structure are all intertwined. Let thinkpadsolutions work with you to craft an intentional and comprehensive blueprint to empower your organization.

Our focus centers on your current and future donors. Core principles and bold visions can inspire donors and assist you in understanding your donor motivations.

thinkpadsolutions facilitates strategic philanthropic development planning through the following offerings:

  • Donor Assessments – how do your current donors view your nonprofit?
  • Donor Surveys & Focus Groups – test your communication tactics, organizational priorities, and key messages.
  • Board Development – board members are crucial to your success, but learn how best position your board – both individually and collectively – to assure ongoing viability.
  • Building a Culture of Philanthropy – customized board and staff trainings and retreats, thinkpadsolutions strengthens your culture from the top-down and grassroots levels.
  • Branding – reach your audience with an image that is not only visually appealing, but also helps you curate a design that uniquely represents your brand.
Donor Acquisition/Wealth Screening
Having a steady flow of new prospects is the catalyst to accelerate a non-profit on to greater works. thinkpadsolutions facilitates your prospect acquisition through targeted communications and research, which uncover a prospect’s underlying affinity for your mission. By helping your organization to identify, target and expand the kind of prospects that resonate with your mission and propel you to make a greater impact.

Wealth screening is another tool to hone your development program prospects. thinkpadsolutions finds out how they got there and where they are heading – and how to position your nonprofit to be part of their philanthropic giving.

  • Wealth screening research using DonorSearch©
  • Prospect identification
  • Detailed donor portfolios
  • Donor acquisition
  • Database diagnosis
Annual Giving
Every successful nonprofit has a common thread: a strong annual giving program. thinkpadsolutions engages your stakeholders in your agency’s activities and clearly defines how donors’ gifts make an impact.

We begin by reviewing your current communications in order to understand your existing brand. We then provide distinctive branding that sets you apart from the competition.

In keeping this basic axiom in mind that successful annual campaigns result in successful major, capital, and legacy campaigns, thinkpadsolutions incorporates the following components to achieve this objective.

  • Major Gifts
  • Direct Mail
  • Grant Calendar and Grant Writing
  • Phone Campaigns
  • E-Giving
  • Giving Clubs
  • Donor Retention
  • Moves Management
Capital Campaigns
Every capital campaign epitomizes an all-encompassing effort for board, donors, staff, stakeholders, constituents, and community. Whether you are in the midst of deciding if you should plan a campaign, need to identify and assess your donors or even have a campaign that has stalled, thinkpadsolutions can assist your organization in any stage of the campaign and push it to complete the goal.

The Advancing Philanthropy Program “The APP” is an exclusive service of thinkpadsolutions.

Features of The APP include:

  • Addresses the special needs of philanthropically successful institutions with a history of strong performance.
  • Embodies more than a traditional feasibility study interviews and assessment.
  • Incorporates the components of case statement development, pre-campaign leadership selection and training, and early gift solicitation.
  • Results in a flexible environment for a continuous and successful campaign.
Events are places for donor engagement, be they intimate prospect briefings focused on donor retention or major donor destination experiences. thinkpadsolutions can carefully tailor your strategic playbook for meaningful events to give you the best opportunity to have a relevant impact while additionally creating natural follow up activities to measure the event’s effectiveness. Some types of events that we specialize in are:

  • Fundraising Walks & Runs
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Concerts featuring nationally known artists
  • Luncheons
  • Intimate Prospect Briefings
  • Galas
  • Major Donor Destination Events
  • Donor Retention Events
Planned Giving
Legacy donors have a special bond with their organizations and yet, many non-profits do not know how to approach their long-time partners about planned gifts. The intergenerational transfer of wealth is happening and will continue for the next 25-40 years. thinkpadsolutions will guide your organization through this delicate process and assist in transforming those nonprofits who accomplish these vital tasks:

  • Build meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with current and future donors. These special donors make gifts through their estates. (Bequests account for approximately $31 billion given to US charities – Giving USA, 2017).
  • Create the infrastructure for those donors to make estate or legacy gifts. Planned Giving transcends generations and serves as an example of caring and love for mankind – the very definition of philanthropy.
  • Develop relationships with professional advisors to enhance our clients’ visibility with this important constituency.
  • Facilitate creation of gift acceptance and management policies to assure donors their wishes are fulfilled in the future.
  • Create a program that motivates donors in gift planning to resolve challenges around wealth transfer to the next generation.

think: brand

Donor Communications
We offer visual communications for fundraising, direct mail, branding, print and interactive design that sets you apart from your competitors, calls your audience to action, and increases donor retention. We understand the importance of reaching your audiences with an image that is not only visually appealing but which also uniquely represents your brand.
Direct Mail
We keep your product or service in the forefront of your customers’ mind by creating eye-catching, clearly-written and well-designed direct mail pieces that will stand out among the clutter, and help to increase donor retention.
Organizational Branding
We begin by reviewing your current communications in order to understand your existing brand. We then provide distinctive branding that sets you apart from the competition.

Communications & Marketing

Bryan Peterson

Bryan is lead creative and principal at Peterson Ray & Company. His work has been recognized nationally for achievements in corporate and college communications, and has appeared regularly in leading design publications. His best-selling book, Design Basics for Creative Results, is a design textbook used by college campuses across the nation.

Scott Ray

Scott is lead creative and principal at Peterson Ray & Company. He came to the company in 1986 and was named partner in 1994. He has served as lead creative for a number of Fortune 500 companies and universities, and his work has been recognized in design competitions and publications nationwide.

Carl Peterson

In addition to designing websites at Peterson Ray & Company, Carl also programs sites in HTML/CSS/JS and develops online campaigns across a variety of platforms, including HTML email. Because he has a good understanding of how backend web development is carried out, Carl is skilled at communicating with our web development partners, who take the designs and implement the backend programming. This helps to ensure that all of the goals and needs created in the design portion of each project are executed accurately and appropriately.

Click on the button below to check out some of Peterson Ray & Company’s work:

think: talent

Talent Acquisition

Delta Dallas is a staffing agency that provides talent acquisition and management solutions to the DFW area by connecting top talent to an organization’s Direct Hire, Temporary to Hire, and Temporary needs within the Administrative, Accounting/Finance, and Human Resources fields.

Their tenured Talent Acquisition Consultants have an unparalleled understanding of the Dallas market and have built a network of driven and experienced individuals in their 35 years of business that guarantees impeccability in their matching abilities.

Delta Dallas invests in forming lasting relationships and strategizes to provide long-term solutions that contribute prosperously to both the client and candidate.

Sheila Laye

Sheila is the Vice President of Delta Dallas. With over two decades of experience in the Staffing Industry, her ability to connect well-suited prospects to clients is uncanny and proves her competency to actively listen, articulate and respond to the needs of the people she supports. She has been recognized as Top Sales Producer multiple times in her career and has been awarded the President’s Award. You may connect with Sheila at slaye@deltadallas.com or her direct line at 972-546-3610.

Christina Brennan

Christina is a vital asset to Delta Dallas’ Business Development and Sales team. Her professional experience in Financial Services, Human Resources, Real Estate, Banking and Advertising Sales integrated set her up for considerable success in the Staffing Industry. She has been recognized as Manager of the Year as well as Top Producer and Top Referral Specialist throughout her career. You may connect with Christina at cbrennan@deltadallas.com or her direct line at 972-546-3616.

Explore what Delta Dallas has to offer by visiting:

think: team

Board/Staff Recruitment & Training
thinkpadsolutions provides a range of employee assessments – including leadership assessments, pre-hire assessments, and personnel assessments for your Board Of Directors and Staff. Get consistent, in-depth, and objective information about your people. Let thinkpadsolutions assist your organization with:

  • Staff Retreats
  • Staff Assessments
  • Board Retreats
  • Board Assessments
  • Board Meeting Preparation
Executive Coaching & Training
A recent PriceWaterhouse Coopers study showed a typical return on investment in coaching approaches seven fold – imagine how your organization could advance its mission.

Nonprofit organizations are discovering what corporate executives have known for some time – coaching improves productivity and results far beyond the investment. New nonprofit leaders utilize coaching to turn their talents and passion into authentic leadership with lasting positive impact on their respective organizations.

A coach is a business partner and advocate – serving as mentor, teacher, and confidante whose sole purpose is enhancing your leadership and fundraising capabilities. At the conclusion of this coaching engagement, the result is a more confident, capable, and productive leader.

thinkpadsolutions hones the nonprofit leader’s skills and abilities to discover new alternatives and opportunities through intense focus.

Talent Development


Speaking Engagements

“A dynamic presence”

“The most fun I’ve ever had learning”

“I was able to implement his suggestions immediately and saw instant results”

These are just some of the quotes that attendees wrote after hearing one of our presentations. Whatever your specific needs might be, let thinkpadsolutions tailor a presentation to exceed your expectations. Some of the most recent presentations are:

  • Staff Retreats & Training
  • Board Retreats & Training
  • Development Meetings
  • Organizational Meetings
  • University departmental fundraising meetings
  • Nonprofit & Development Conferences

To confirm a thinkpadsolutions speaker for your event, please contact jenny@thinkpadsolutions.com


click logos for testimonials

“Paul Dunne and I have had the pleasure of working together on three capital campaigns during the past 9 years.  He is an outstanding fundraising professional with amazing credentials that span higher education, social service, and healthcare.  Besides all that, he is fun to work with.”

Diane M. Carlson


“Thanks so much for everything, you were awesome.”

Kellie Tiner

Area Director


“Paul helped Grad Resources create an overall development plan that has given us clear and measurable goals to work towards.  He helped bring clarity and structure to our development strategies that we continue to reap benefits from.  In addition, our communications have never been better and clearly communicate our mission and vision to our partners.  I have no reservations recommending Paul to you and your organization.”

Brandon Jernigan

Director of Operations


“When the board of our community theater completed restoration of a century-old downtown facility, we were faced with a major transition. Instead of raising funds for construction, we were raising funds for operations. After the second year of producing shows, we had proven what we suspected, that ticket sales alone were not adequate to sustain the theater. Paul Dunne led a workshop with the board explaining how to work with patrons, potential backers, and previous donors, providing specifics on how to best approach those in the community for increased support. We’re still early in the process, but the materials and concepts developed with Paul’s guidance have already borne fruit with donors, and our productions that played to half-full houses previously are now sold out. Paul is a pro, and he produces tangible results.”

Hank Hunter

Chairman of Board

“Paul is a terrific presenter. He presents the information in a clear and organized manner and is very engaging with the audience.  His presentation energy level is just right – no one will go to sleep nor be put off by exuberance.  Paul speaks with authority yet is very approachable from audience participation and questions. I was really, really impressed by him.  Any organization would be lucky to have him work with them.”

Tori Hobbs, CFRE

Chief Development Officer

“I have been able to work with Paul in a Board of Directors capacity over the last 10 years. I have witnessed his passion for the Lord and his desire to be of service. I was fortunate to be mentored by him in a Development capacity. He is responsible for my growth in the non-profit sector. Paul can help you achieve your non-profit goals by implementing systems that work.”

“AJ” Stapleton

Executive Director


“Paul has a personal and professional passion for helping others and has guided nonprofit organizations to secure funding in order to become sustainable.  Through his comprehensive and strategic fundraising and marketing plans he has assisted nonprofits in providing services and programs. When working at a national nonprofit, he succeeded at identifying, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding donors for capital campaigns, annual funds, major gifts, grants, and special events. He did this effectively because he takes great attention to implementing, tracking and evaluating on-going personal, written, and phone contact with donors and/or potential donors.  Paul is a firm believer in the use of a donor software system to track donor engagement, run reports and evaluate results. Paul also thrives on having the responsibility for providing information, advice, and counsel to the Board of Directors and the Board’s Committees in the creation of policies, programs, and strategic direction of the organization.”

Brian Heider

Development Specialist


“Karen K. Martin is dedicated professional; competent and personable. She assisted my nonprofit with a bylaws revision and did a thorough and wonderful job! Her well-researched suggestions for change have made governance of our organization more efficient and effective. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen K. Martin as a nonprofit governance consultant.”

Teresa Jackson

ED Sharing Life Community Outreach, Garland, TX


“I had the privilege to observe Karen during a presentation to a non-profit’s board of directors. Many of them were not astute in asking for funds from donors. Karen not only shared some simple but valuable techniques for comfortably asking for funds, but she also designed the session to shift their attitudes. These board members came with a lot of fear and by having them practice with each other, she helped them to eliminate those fears and gain confidence in themselves to support the non-profit in asking for funds from potential donors.

It was phenomenal to see the difference in the participants at the start of the session and at the end. You could visibly see the difference in body language and tonality. They spoke with much more confidence when describing the non-profit and definitely when asking for funds. I highly recommend her for working with any non-profit organization to increase their employees as well as board members ability to advocate for their organizations and raise funds.”

Betty Viguet

Insperity Performance Coach, Dallas, TX

“I had the privilege of working with Karen when she volunteered to help my non-profit agency, Youth and Family Counseling, on a project through Executives in Action. Karen brought insight, experience, and skill while helping our Board of Directors expand their fundraising abilities. She presented in a clear and detailed way, giving us strategies and tips that we had not yet considered. Her training spanned across all areas of fund development from special events to increasing donors. Karen was personable, experienced, and an asset to have on our team.”

Eren Turner

Former ED, Youth and Family Counseling, Lewisville, TX


“During our recent Board Retreat, Karen taught us that relationships start small and grow, and we’ve just had some fantastic evidence of such. An Irving businessman and I had a common interest in the Airport Freeway project. Whenever we saw each other at events around town we’d catch each other up on progress, and status of the project. He had been a donor for many years, and when he sold his business, he included Irving Cares in his philanthropy at a significantly higher amount. And, now that he’s retired, he plans to join the Food Pantry crew as a volunteer – in between his travels, of course. Thanks to Karen, I felt prepared to handle this transaction because of the training I received! I would strongly recommend Karen for her leadership and knowledge of fundraising ways and means and her ability to communicate these things to a broad audience.”

Teddie Story

Irving Cares CEO, Irving TX


“Over the past 27 years I have known and appreciated Karen as an excellent student and later as a diligent and dedicated co-worker. A great work ethic combined with her loyalty to Baylor made her an effective and faithful part of our team.”

Judy Maggard

Baylor University Parents Program Director, Waco, TX


“Karen provided a thorough, professional session on how to set up a planned giving program to our chapter executives. It was well-attended, and the feedback was great. I am grateful for her sharing her valuable expertise on this issue with our group.”

Joanne Hansinger

The Arc of the United States Director of Development, Washington, D.C.


“Karen K. Martin is a dedicated Texas PTA volunteer who served Texas PTA as a corporate officer. Karen brought a wealth of knowledge to our board and was critical in the development of a newly proposed governance model. Karen is an avid staff supporter because she understands the importance of teamwork between volunteer leaders and staff.”

Kyle Ward

Texas PTA Executive Director


“I first met Karen in the 90’s when she was Executive Director of Irving Schools Foundation and I was CEO of the Women’s Division of the Greater Irving/Las Colinas Chamber. I am very familiar with her work as Director of Development @ Texas Woman’s University as my husband sat on the board of the Doswell Foundation. She was an excellent liaison between the Chancellor and the Foundation, attentive and detail oriented. Karen is very comfortable in both business and social situations. A natural born conversationalist, she is a great listener as well.
As a volunteer at The Main Place, she has been tireless. I have watched her step up to do things that needed doing even when they exceeded her comfort zone. Dressing homeless teens can be intimidating, but Karen has conquered the task with aplomb. She always exhibits the willingness and desire to learn new things and expand her world.”

Sharon Johnston

Founder/Director, The Main Place, Irving, TX

“John has been a great asset to me and the Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan as I continue to build upon my fundraising and leadership skills. He has helped us stay focused on our priorities and think outside of the box. Johns experience and business tools have definitely come in useful so that we don’t have to recreate the wheel completely. Thanks for all you do to help us be successful!”

Leah Braet

Account Manager at 502 Media Group

“John’s group facilitation skills and personal coaching through the Philanthropy Mastermind sessions gave me a fresh prospective on fundraising challenges. It was very helpful to have his insight and the insight of other fundraisers when tackling a problem. I always walked away learning something new and taking with me a list of action steps.”

Stuart Williams

Director of Development at Lumin Education


“As the executive director of a small nonprofit, I have to use my professional development budget wisely. I’ve tried other well-known advisory/peer development groups and personal coaches, but Philanthropy Mastermind stands head and shoulders above the others. The decades of experience not only in fundraising but in nonprofit management in general that John and Karen have developed is priceless. The intimate group setting with others in similar positions, where we could freely share our issues and spend time generating solutions as a group, proved invaluable to me. I knew I wasn’t alone, that I had a whole group of people as cheerleaders, advisors, and confidantes whenever I needed it. Hands down, the wisest investment I’ve made as I work to develop and hone skills to grow my organization!”

Jennifer Herrera

Jericho Road Dallas, Relationship Manager

“John is extremely resourceful when it comes to creating a comprehensive fundraising strategy. He is skilled in understanding how to cultivate relationships and identify opportunities for engaging donors. John is professional, organized and timely in his responses and review of materials. It has been such a pleasure to work with him!”

Jenni Rook, LCPC, MT-BC

Executive Director and Music Therapist, Institute for Therapy through the Arts

“John has been a tremendous encouragement and guide as our organization moves forward with expanding our donor base. His breadth and depth of knowledge has been invaluable…and we are already reaping the benefits of our association with him. I recommend him without hesitation.”

Meriam Good

Mind Science Foundation, Executive Director

“John is a wise and solid professional who has been seasoned with wonderful experience. His integrity is beyond reproach. His advise and insights are as good as gold!”

Eddie Thompson

CEO at Thompson & Associates


“Our RotaCare Bay Area fundraising efforts were in deep need of a strategic plan and framework for renewed action.
Enter John!
With obvious and excellent preparation, he laid out the fundraising plan plank-by-plank with pertinent examples and great humor. John quickly developed rapport with the group and used it to elicit opinion, feedback and buy-in.
The outlook of our group has been transformed!
I highly recommend John to help any philanthropic organization with their fundraising plan.

David Markham

President, C.M. Peletz Co

“John led our non-profit in an organized and thorough strategic fundraising process. He provided the explanations and building blocks in order to put in place an outline of a sustainable fundraising plan. John broke down the steps so it was manageable and not a daunting process. All members walked away enthusiastic and fully engaged, each with a vision of how they could personally contribute to the overall fundraising process.”

Tammy Janosik

RotaCare Bay Area


“John conducted the first development audit for the RotaCare Bay Area clinic system. His approach was methodical and very thorough. He quickly identified the areas our organization needed to address in order to implement a robust fund development plan. His strategies and tactics were excellent and achievable given our staffing resources. Our board was impressed with his grasp of our issues and his suggestions. I highly recommend John to any nonprofit organization seeking to create, augment, and implement fund and board development programs.”

Augustine Gill

Executive Management Consultant, Domestic and International Development Programs

“John brought to CHRISTUS LA a new discipline for fund raising. He brought tools and techniques to promote planned giving. He also was instrumental in getting the first capital campaign off the ground in LA. He brings a high level of professionalism to his position.”

Nancy R Hellyer, FACHE

CEO – CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini Health System; President St Frances Cabrini Hospital

[of 0=”the” 1=”conference” _i=”0″ _address=”″ /]

“Paul Dunne is a pleasure to work with as a conference organizer. He delivers solid, practical content in a fun and engaging way.”

Alice L. Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE

Partner, Goalbusters LLC

“I had the pleasure of being a part of Paul Dunne’s workshop at the recent AFP Arizona Summer Conference in July. Paul brings unparalleled enthusiasm, knowledge and great takeaways! I was re-energized after listening to Paul–highly recommend!”

Liz Kaplan

Director, Development, TGen Foundation

“I’ve seen Paul present at several events now and I always look forward to hearing what he has to say. He’s very engaging and brings value to each presentation/conversation I’ve had the good fortune to be a part of. Thanks so much for your work and for sharing your experience with us.”

Ashley Johnson

Administrative Specialist, Caruth Police Institute, UNT Dallas

“Paul delivered outstanding presentations to a group of MADD executives and development staff at our 2018 Leadership Training. His discussions focused on the always challenging issue of effective board management and the importance of being proactive vs reactive when tackling development challenges. Our staff took away valuable best practices which will enhance their local efforts.”

Ron Sylvan

Regional Executive Director, MADD North Texas


It is always a delight to participate in Paul’s presentations!  Paul impressed a fair number of the AFP Greater Arizona Chapter who attended his break out session at our 2018 State Conference in Flagstaff.  We invited him to lead an educational  Workshop to kick off 2019, again he impressed the group with a record number of attendees!

Paul’s enthusiasm for ethical fund raising is infectious, he provided specific tools to that could be followed for success (ex. Living Room Parties, Connect Cards), and reinforced the main reasons why donors give; 1. Urgency, 2. Impact.  How we communicate is critical to our work.  Paul reminded us of the key important aspects of our role.  I am grateful for his leadership in our profession and his volunteerism in AFP International!

Sue Gifford

Director of Individual & Legacy Gifts/Child Crisis Arizona


In January 2019, the City of Frisco Community Development Division hosted their annual Grant Workshop for social service providers seeking a portion of their funding from our Community Development Block (CDBG) and Social Service grants. Mr. Paul Dunne, CFRE of thinkpadsolutions delivered a fascinating segment on board engagement and fundraising to a captivated audience. It was a pleasure for him to come and speak to our nonprofits to provide solutions in a time of shrinking resources. The attendees were galvanized to think outside the box and learn new approaches to “The Ask.”

Sarah A. Carroll, MPA

Community Development Supervisor


Our partnership with thinkpadsolutions came at a critical time in our organization’s growth. We have learned invaluable development strategies which have been instrumental in allowing us to better serve and exponentially grow our mission. thinkpadsolutions has not only educated and equipped us, but has been our biggest encourager along the way. We are forever grateful.

Cynthia Heaton

Co-founder of Cornerstone Ranch


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